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Skyinfotech is one of the top institute for UI Path training. The course curriculum has been designed, as a result of 17+years of industry experience. Candidates are trained in such a manner that they are industry ready and focused on securing high placement jobs in top MNCs.

We provide UI Path training based on corporate standards that helps students to be prepared for industries. Skyinfotech is one of the best result-oriented UI Path Training Institute, offers best best practical knowledge. At Skyinfotech UI Path training is conducted by 10+ years subject matter experts who are the pioneer in managing real-time projects.

An entity which is capable of being programmed by a computer for doing complex tasks is known as a robot. In terms of RPA, this task would to be mimic the human actions. A sequence of steps, that leads to a meaningful activity or task is known as a process. and when a task happnes automatically, i.e. without human intervention is known as automation.
Arround 22 percent of IT jobes can be replaced by RPA (Robotics process Automation) in the coming years. RPA is usefull in so many ways for example Automation of machine. And it helps reduce human interface in resprctive tasks and there is no coding required for creating a process in the RPA paradim.

If you are getting started with Ui path then there are key concepts to learn and there are types of projects in Ui path studio.for growing number of organigations the Ui path RPA platform is the right choice for deployong RPA. Infact the Ui path RPA platform has helped more of the thousands companys world wide traid in Automated virtual workforce with the help of Ui path companys are getting powered.

And, if you are looking for a training of Ui path then visit Skyinfotech. This institute offers the depth training of Ui path. Here trainers teaches all the techniques of Ui path and make sure that the concept of Ui path is clear to every trainee. This institute gives instant placement and has maintained the 100% record of placement from past many years.

1: Introduction

  • Basic familiarization to RPA
  • The User Interface
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Updating UI Path Studio
  • Connecting your Project to a Source Control
  • Enabling Tracing
  • Creating a Basic Workflow
  • Introduction to Debugging a Workflow
  • Managing Packages

 2: Types of Workflows

  • Sequences
  • lowcharts
  • State Machines

 3: Variables

  • Managing Variables
  • Naming Best Practices
  • The Variables Panel
  • Types of Variables
  • Generic Value Variables
  • Text Variables
  • True or False Variables
  • Number Variables
  • Array Variables
  • Date and Time Variables
  • Data Table Variables

 4: Arguments

  • Managing Arguments
  • Naming Best Practices
  • The Arguments Panel
  • Using Arguments

 5: Imported Namespaces

  • About Imported Namespaces
  • Importing New Namespaces

 6: Control Flow

  • About Control Flow
  • Control Flow Activities
  • The Assign Activity
  • The Delay Activity
  • The Do While Activity
  • The If Activity
  • The Switch Activity
  • The While Activity
  • The For Each Activity
  • The Break Activity

 7: Recording

  • About Recording
  • About Recording Types
  • Automatic Recording
  • Example of Automatic Recording with Basic and Desktop
  • Example of Automatic Recording with Web
  • Manual Recording

 8: UI Elements

  • About UI Elements
  • UI Activities Properties
  • Input Methods
  • Example of Using Input Methods
  • Output or Screen Scraping Methods
  • Examples of Using Output or Screen Scraping Methods

 9: Data Scraping

  • About Data Scraping
  • Example of Using Data Scraping

 10: Selectors

  • About Selectors
  • Selectors with Wildcards
  • Full Versus Partial Selectors
  • UiPath Explorer

 11: Image Automation

  • Image and Test based Automation
  • Advanced Citrix automation

 12: Data Manipulation

  • Data Table
  • Excel

 13: User Events, Mail, PDF

  • Mail PDF
  • User Events

 14: UIPath Setup and Infrasturcture

  • Project Organization
  • Exceptions and Debugging
  • UIPath Infrastructure and Administration
  • UIPath and area of RPA it is associated with
  • UIPath Setup
  • Connecting different systems and the problems associated
  • Managing Solutions
  • UIPath RPA Features

 15: SAP Automation

  • How To Automate SAP Applications

 16: Mainframe and Terminals Automation

  • How to Automate Mainframe and Terminals

Meet The Experts:

  • Skyinfotech subject matter experts have more than 10+ years of experience in their respective technologies and are assets for their companies, major percentage of IT companies.
  • Experts have the exposure of real time implementation of various projects and guide the students according to their experience.
  • They carry a very fluent social circle within IT industry so as to refer the candidates for various openings.
Placements: A Major Talking Point
  • Skyinfotechhas tie-ups with top MNC’s like DXC,CTS,Delloite, Accenture,Infosys etc. and that is the only reason why our students are currently in many global MNC’s accross the globe.
  • Regular test and interview sessions are a part of course curiculum.
  • After the completion of 70% training course, students are prepared for face-to-face interaction in form of an interview to judge their skills.
  • Unlimited interview referals are provided to candidates till final placement.
  • Guidance for resume development.
Reasons to Join skyinfotech:
  • Sky infotechoffers training with well classified modules.
  • Sky infotechfeels proud to announce that more than 1000 candidates are placed from our Institute in last 15 years.
  • Great infrastructure with AC class rooms for training.
  • Fully Efficient Labs.
  • Servers are provided to the students for practice.
  • Our trainers prepare candidates according to interview cracking level with all required practices.
  • Sky infotechoffers week day classes between 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM in training.
  • All candidates go for test and presentation process for 3 times regularly during training. This is a performance check process for all of the students.
  • Personality development classes, interview session, English speaking session is also available in our Institute.
TrackWeek daysWeekend TrackFast Track
Course Duration45 – 60 Days8 WeekendsCustomised
Hours1-2 hours a day2-3 hours a dayCustomised
Training Mode 1Live ClassroomLive ClassroomLive Classroom
Training Mode 2OnlineOnlineOnline